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    College Essay Tips
    • It goes without saying that your essay has to be composed by you. Believe it or not, the voice of a teen is very different from a Parent’s, and we’ve gotten fairly good at seeing the differences.
    • Choose a topic that’s right for YOU — something about that you’re passionate. If you’re not interested in what you’re writing about, Chances are nobody will probably be interested in reading it. The top ideas for Topics come when you least anticipate them. . .write them down after you Are motivated, and keep a running list in your telephone
    • Share something that’s unique to your adventure, or information That we’re not likely to learn about you everywhere on your application. Most important is for You to Be genuine and be yourself; unless you want to Be a theater major, it is way too difficult to attempt to be what you believe we Need you to be. (And, actually, we just want you to be you)
    • In sharing something about yourself, you don’t need to share Everything about yourself. It is ok to be private writing about Mistakes and growth is great (maybe even welcomed); however resist the impulse
    • If you are passionate about an issue, do not avoid it because it might be controversial. At Precisely the Same time, your essay topic does not have to be World-changing and doesn’t have to demonstrate you’re perfect. Sometimes the easiest subject contributes to the best essay.
    • Go to services where you can find social issues essay topics
    • Be a good storyteller. Use a powerful opener — grab our attention Right from the beginning. Reflection, frequently make great essays.
    • Show rather than tell. Use anecdotes, examples, and descriptions. Make it your best, most engaging writing. Trim the fat. (And withstand the
    • Revise frequently and early, proofread carefully, read it , and It is ok to have Somebody Else look over The article to help you capture things you missed, but do not over-edit and Make it sound like a research paper.
    • Remember, substance and voice are far better than perfection.
    • You have got a great essay in you!

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