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    If you use brown sugar fairly frequently, hardening might be by no means a problem for you. But when you don’t, and each time you reach for the bag you find it all clumped up, there’s a method to fix that. Brown sugar doesn’t go unhealthy becauseit doesn’t support microbial growth. As long as your brown sugar doesn’t come in contact with lots of moisture and you keep it secure from pantry pests, it should stay secure to use. To maintain the sugar gentle and moist, store it in an hermetic container.
    One method to soften exhausting sugar is to place a recent apple slice, the peel of half a lemon, or a slice of bread within the sugar overnight.After 5 minutes you want to take it out fastidiously and examine to see whether the sugar has softened by unwrapping it and touching it with a spoon or spatula.If you added the brown sugar to the bowl of water, you changed the product to more of a syrup.
    Pack the sugar into the smallest container possible so that there is hardly any air space between the sugar and the lid. It is frequent information to find the long-term resolution of any downside, we should know the origin of the issue. You all have to be wondering why white sugar doesn’t turn out to be exhausting however then again, brown sugar is hardened with just a sniff of air. The solely factor that is different between white sugar and brown sugar is molasses. Some folks recommend the use of a blender or moved here a meals processor to melt hardened brown sugar. If you just need to break up some hardened lumps in your brown sugar, try sticking it in a food processor or a blender.
    Comments On How To Soften Brown Sugar
    For these of us who need the brown sugar RIGHT NOW, there’s the trusty microwave. Place a damp paper towel over your bowl of brown sugar and warmth it for 10 seconds a pop till the consistency is right. Or, place the sugar in the microwave next to a bowl of water and microwave for a minute, as needed, says Hanna Trafford of the Mama Knows online community.
    Extra Tips
    The good news with hard brown sugar is that it can easily be re-hydrated. Molasses can absorb moisture from either bread or a clay plate or water after which you’ll have the ability to proceed to use it in whatever recipe or way you like. The joy of brown sugar is the softness, and preserving your sugar soft will retain its moisture. One of the common ways to store brown sugar is to maintain it in an airtight container; it’s enough to stop it from hardening. From previous experiences, this is probably one of the fastest methods to soften hardened brown sugar.

    They are divided into two classes on the premise of time consumption. Brown sugar also available in the type of sugar syrup and it’s used as a body scrub. Unlike other sugar, brown sugar is hardened and types rock-hard chunks that are tough to interrupt. Mostly the taste of dark brown sugar resembles caramel as a substitute of sunshine brown sugar is milder and softer. When these 30 seconds are up, you need to very carefully take away the damp paper towel and check the sugar for softness.

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