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    Blades should be sharp with 10 to 14 tooth to the inch. The work should be held firmly in opposition to the fence, which must be parallel to the noticed blade. Several sheets of Plexiglas® acrylic sheet can be minimize at one time by stacking one on top of another. Suitably designed holding fixtures should be used when stacks of sheets are to be cut to close tolerances.
    You need to feed the saw whereas chopping because the sting of the plexiglass may be melt by the warmth and stick with the blade.Apply as much pressure as you probably can, and the piece will snap off.Here, we’ll explain tips on how to safely and precisely minimize plexiglass with a jigsaw.For more info, please see our Disclosure & Privacy Policy.Make certain the portion to be reduce is on one side of the desk, and it is extended out of the floor.
    That is the place having a circular saw is useful. In order to make an correct, even reduce, scoring is a vital a half of the method. Though we got off to an excellent start in step one, it’s only a start.
    Glue Acrylic Plastics
    Plexiglass or Acrylic glass is a clear petroleum thermoplastic product that is normally manufactured in sheets. It is lightweight, versatile, and shatter-resistant. Read more about how to cut plexiglass here. These properties together make plexiglass a fantastic various to glass.
    Move the scored part to the sting of the work floor. To keep away from scratching, put that on a easy, onerous surface first. Taking the measurements, then score its plexiglass 5-10 times across the cut line with a glass cutter. After which, flip the plexiglass round and measure the points then again. Tighten it out to the aspect of the cutting board, then cut it into the score-line with a downwards hard pressure. This saw is probably the easiest and most secure method to minimize Plexiglas.
    Methodology 3: Chopping Plexiglass With A Jigsaw
    You’ll also, as with scoring, need to ensure that the portion of the plexiglass on the work floor could be very nicely secured. Once you’re finished, the minimize portion will fall from the rest of the sheet. As with scoring – again – remember to have someplace delicate for that cut portion to land. When chopping plexiglass, leave the movie in place as long as potential to keep away from marring the surface. Second, keep in mind that even when you’re cautious, it can be difficult to chop plexiglass with out leaving a tough, irregular edge. If your project requires a clear edge, expect to devote vitality to smoothing the finish.

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