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    <br>There have been multitudes of essays on numerous subjects varying from science to abstracts written for centuries. Many of the essays are still remembered as they provide inspiration to the humanity and have dealt with core problems of mankind. Essays can be considered as leading threads to serious thoughts and a contribution to the further development of the dealt subject. Even though it's impossible to choose the world best essays on personal predictions from infinite no. of great essays to be considered, here are few of the English essays considered to be the best on different subjects written in the past.<br> <br>Thinking different – “On Love” by Francis Bacon <br>

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    <br>In this essay the author Francis bacon tries to establish that love was not a major concern for great people who are remembered in business and spirits with the support of historical and social evidence. This can be considered as one of the world best essays not only because it has enough evidence but it talks about a not-much-talked face of much talked love. Francis bacon is able to prove in his essay on love that love is ever rewarded with reciprocal or with an inward and secret contempt. This essay explains a very general topic from an unusual point of view. It proves that if you think of one of the simplest subject for your essays, if you are creative and willing to think, you have a chance to be remembered for your work.<br> <br>Discussion Method – “Catchwords And Claptrap” by Rose Macaulay <br> <br> <br> <br>Catchwords and claptrap discusses the psychology behind various misuses of words. In this essay the author Rose Macaulay uses phrases like “When I use a word, it means just what I choose it to mean in the introduction to make the reader understand what the essay is all about. The lesson you can learn from this essay is that the discussion method used in this essay. The author tries to think through the essay and it becomes very clear for any reader. Even though the subject seems to be a little abstract it is deserved to be one of the world best essays through the author's way of presenting the point. She exemplifies the point using words like nameless, nominal etc. which are easy to understand and grab the user's attention in the beginning to get to the point. The author tries to identify psychology behind particular words used in different situations even though they can do the same with simpler direct words.<br> <br> <br> <br>Character analysis – The Fountain Head – Ayn Rand.<br> <br><br> <br>The Fountain Head is one of most read novels in the history by Ayn Rand. The author is interestingly narrating a story through her own techniques of Character analysis. In this classic novel a reader can find philosophy that makes one rethink about the word 'ego' and 'self'. The novel portraits the character of four people and succeeds through the analysis. The philosophy that the author wants to convey to her readers is well said by the characters in the novel without loosing the story thread. The novel deserves to one of the world best arts for not only the matter discussed but also for the style it is written. The novel explains the mental situation of each character in a pace that it is carried through out the novel and the writer accomplishes the much wanted result of the incidents at the end. The fountain head proves character analysis can be one of the best ways to tell a story too.<br> <br>Strongest Introduction – “Popular Authors” by Robert Louis Stevenson <br> <br> <br> <br>Popular Authors by Robert Louis Stevenson gives you one of the best examples for a well written, interesting introduction. The introduction is definite to make you read the next paragraph if not the entire essay. Though this essay is accurately named as popular authors and has information about the popular authors the introduction just brings about the picture of a single author quite exaggeratingly. The essay continues through various interesting incidents in the author's life rather than description of works. It is an interesting way of writing an essay by narrating the story thread of each work of the selected author and the reader never gets bored but interested to move on. This is world best essay can be a classic example for interesting introduction and narration.<br>

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    <br>Story Telling – The master by H M Tomlinson <br> <br> <br>The Master is a story of the captain of a ship, who is never believed to be a master of a ship and the master who never cared for what people think. The essay writing lesson that you can learn from this essay by Tomlinson is that make your point strong in the essay whether it's a story, a narration or a discussion. In The Master, the characteristics of sailors and characteristics of humans are well explained through the story. This essay gets a place in the world best essays as it uses the technique of story telling to get the theme of the essay explained.<br> <br>Anyone having basic knowledge in grammar can write an essay but the real glory comes when the essay written stands out from the crowd and left a permanent footmarks on reader's heart. EssayAcademia is one such essay writing service based company that excels in owning several best publications in essay writing tips , dissertation guides and research paper manuals.<br>

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