The mantra for sexual wellness

Man-Mantra, a natural Ayurvedic product allows you to focus your energies on the journey and gives a boost to your confidence and performance, making you last longer and helping you enjoy every moment. Lately, more men have been subjected to tremendous pressures both in their professional and personal environments. Therefore, it is mandatory to have a product that addresses ALL of the above factors without ANY side-effects. Man-Mantra Forte  contains ten of the choicest ingredients, painstakingly researched and curated from classical texts and compendiums from Ayurveda.

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Man-Mantra's naturally driven solutions have proven to:


How effective it is


Man-Mantra is effective because of the ingredients added to it which make it completely natural and balances the body’s processes. It contains Vidari, Ashwagandha, Safed Musli and other Ayurvedic elements that will improve stamina and performance immensely, if used on a regular basis. It decreases the chances of premature ejaculation and leads to better virility as well.



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You've got Questions, We've got answers

Normal individuals who have used Man-Mantra for improving the performance could observe improved performance within 3 – 5 days of usage.

Patients with existing issues of ED – PME could observe improved sustained performance in 10-15 days.

Man-Mantra is formulated to help you in improving your performance. It is good in addressing ED (Erectile Dysfunction) and PME (Premature Ejaculation) which are the two major setbacks for a satisfied intercourse.

Though all ingredients of Man-Mantra have an additive effect addressing improvement in stamina and a male’s desire and his partner’s anticipation to last longer is fulfilled by two specific ingredients namely 1) Salamapanja and 2) Safed Musli, of which Salamapanja is unique to Man-Mantra – absent in a plethora of other preparations.

Dactalorizha hatagirea

  • “The Wake Up Herb” – arouses sexual desire.
  • Heightens sexual stamina and extends climax.
  • Stimulates production of testosterone.
  • Corrects erectile dysfunction.
  • Improves erection quality, stiffness and hardness of the penile organ.
  • Cures weak ejaculation and increases ejaculation force and volume.
  • Corrects PME. Assures longer IVLT.
  • Increases – sperm count and sperm quality.

Safed Musli
Chlorophytum tuberosum

  • 100% natural libido enhancer.
  • Powerful sexual stimulant.
  • Promotes erection quality, stiffness and hardness of the penile organ
  • ROCK II inhibitor.
  • Increases motility.

Salamapanja is matchless as it holds the secrets of youthfulness, vigor and vitality.

Its aphrodisiacal properties are scientifically known and this has been used in Ayurveda since historical times.

Salamapanja is listed amongst the most powerful herbs for men, and allows men to get over a host of sexual dysfunctions and medical conditions. These include:

  • Getting over stress: it increases sexual desire as stamina and strength are boosted.
  • Ensuring better functioning of sex organs: builds a strong penile erection index and strengthens penile muscles.
  • Letting one get over impotence: as it improves flow of blood to penile muscles to a great extent.
  • Improved frequency of erections: as it allows one to get an improved and sustainable erection.
  • Shorter delay in erection post ejaculation.
  • Resolution of issues: like premature ejaculation

Bioorganic & Medicinal Chemistry Letters, Volume 26, Issue 10, 15 May 2016, Pages 2383-2391

The Rho kinase (ROCK) isoforms, ROCK1 and ROCK2, ROCKs mediate various important cellular functions such as cell shape, motility, secretion, proliferation, and gene expression.

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Spermatozoa are rich in mitochondria because a constant supply of energy is required for their motility. Therefore, the presence of dysfunctional spermatozoa in the semen significantly elevates the production of ROS, which in turn affects its mitochondrial function and subsequently, sperm function such as motility.

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IVELT: Intra Vaginal Ejaculation Latency Time

PEI is a measure of how long a man can maintain an erection.

Man-Mantra is recommended for regular use which in itself would be a Mantra in preparing the Man to become active in love making. Yes it does have a better effect due to its ingredients and the composition as elicited in point 3 above.