Womaniya ForteTM

Caring for women's sexual wellness

Sexual wellness in women has never been addressed and Womaniya Forte is the very first Ayurvedic product in India to address all their sexual needs. Womaniya Forte  not only addresses the obstacles associated with women’s sexual wellness, it also helps a woman achieve her sexual aspirations.

With the goodness of Ayurveda, it adds to your confidence, excitement and energy during sex. For the new-age sexually active woman, menopause will be less frustrating and easier to deal with.

₹ 850

₹ 695 (90g)

The carefully chosen ingredients help in:


How effective it is


Womaniya Forte has been formulated with ingredients that have been put together after a lot of research and have been recommended by Vatsyayana in his Kamasutra. This Ayurvedic product will help women by making sure that the hormonal balance is maintained and does not cause any problems related to lack of sexual desire. It will promote a positive mood. It will act as a boost for the libido and will also increase lubrication, when used on a regular basis.



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You've got Questions, We've got answers

It can be used, but for desired long term benefits it is advised to treat PCOS/PCOD, which is a gynaecological condition and needs medical advice and  intervention. Our expert physicians have highly successful solutions for treating PCOS/PCOD. Connect with us on “Ask Our Expert” section to seek help. 

No, Womaniya Forte does not affect one’s menstrual cycle in any way. On the contrary, Shatavari in Womaniya Forte helps in maintaining one’s menstrual cycle as it provides the natural phytoestrogens. 

Womaniya Forte Granules composition is a research based formulation for significant improvement in addressing female sexual fulfilment criteria like arousal, lubrication and reduction or absence of pain domains. Womaniya Forte helps you be prepared for ecstasy.  The body is thus prepared to enhance desire, satisfaction and orgasm domains; it is known that the mindset of the partners is the basis for a very healthy sexual life. Caressing, foreplay, physical intimacy and a conducive environment for couples would be desirous to realise the full effectiveness of the product.

Please note that both Womaniya Forte and Man-Mantra Forte have not been formulated to function like an electrical switch, where “you switch ON and your sexual functions turn ON”. No product targeted for this condition can function that way.

No – taken in recommended doses it rather helps one to maintain proper hormone levels.

There are no spermicidal ingredients in Womaniya Forte. It is advisable to use protection to prevent any unplanned pregnancy. Apart from condoms there are intra vaginal pessaries with nonoxynol salts, jellies and spermicidal creams available in the market which can be used along with Womaniya Forte.